Sunday, October 25, 2015

My First Needle Felting Projects!

I started needle felting last year and fell in love because I think that it is a fairly easy craft to do. You can make really fun and cute little tchotchkes for your house or as gifts with minimal cost and skill. It is also an easy project to set down and come back to later, which is good for me since my munchkins don't give me much time to craft! So these are my first efforts, I was very proud of them!

First thing I made was this tiny bunny. Not mad for a first try! I would do things differently now but I like her! I also made this pumpkin using some orange roving I had. I used polyfill (like for stuffing pillows and stuffed animals) for the core because I did not have much on hand. I just wadded a ball together, tied string around it to help it keep it's shape and then needle felted as you normally would. A lot of people don't like using poly fill because it is not natural but if you are just starting out, or don't have a lot of money to spend on crafting, I will give you a free pass on polyfill! Then I wrapped the roving vertically all around and I only needle felted the top and bottom. I didn't really know what I was doing and it is very squishy, not firm at all, but again, I like it!

Next, I made these teeny winter friends. I really like making small creations such as these because you can really stretch your stash a long way! I also do not have much room right now for displaying my "friends" as my husband calls them (makes me sound pathetic haha, oh well!) so this size is perfect for me now.

I made this cute little snowman with a scarf and a green hat with a red heart on it!

And this little penguin! I have to go back and fix him, his head is about to fall off!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my very first needle felting projects!


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