Friday, January 29, 2016

A Day on the Farm

We were very lucky to have been invited to visit the farm of a fellow needle felter recently. I met her in the Needle Felting Facebook group and when she heard we would be in the area, she invited us to come for a visit to her beautiful little farm in southern Alabama. She had a beautiful horse named Honey, donkeys, ducks, chickens, and of course, sheep. But the sheep were not wool sheep, they were hair sheep! She uses them for training her Australian Shepherds and Border Collie in herding competitions. The kids had such a fun time! They got to hold baby ducks and see the fish in the pond.

We should have brought our fishing poles!

Some snapshots of her lovely farm!

Such cute animals!

Next she showed me her crafting room which was amazing and had the best southern-facing window to let in some incredible light! Her room was full of wool, tucked here and there, and tons of really nice projects that she had felted.

Possibly my favorite part about the day was that she took pictures of Sunny, my toy poodle who had come along, and then printed them out in three different versions (normal, under-exposed and over-exposed) for me so I could see all the variations in color and where the lines were. Then she looked through all of her beautiful wool and chose colors that matched him perfectly and gave it to me to take home! Now I can needle felt a portrait of Sunny!

This smells so good!

My Sunny

A Make-Your-Own-Sunny Kit!

We had a really nice time and I think I forgot to mention, she made the best peanut butter cookies for the kids! I definitely stole a few for myself ;)