Saturday, March 12, 2016

Featured Artist Series: Needle Felted Crafts by Winnie

I am inspired by so many felters out there that I decided it would be fun to start a "Featured Artist" series on my blog. For my first interview, I chose one of my favorite felters, her business is called Needled Felted Crafts by Winnie.

Winnie is from Hong Kong but now lives in Canada. She is very versatile, I think she could probably felt anything! She can do whimsical and realistic and they all look fabulous. She let me choose which photos to share and I had a hard time deciding! You can see much more in the photo stream on her Facebook page,  go check it out!

So without further ado, here is the little interview, I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

How long have you been needle felting? And how did you first discover this craft?

I've been felting for 4 years. I first saw the craft when I traveled to the Baltic, bought some felted souvenirs in Finland and Estonia. They have flower brooches, felted balls for ear rings and necklaces, wet felted hats and slippers... I fell in love with these soft, fluffy crafts. It was the second time I saw this craft in Japan, oh my! The Japanese creations are so cute, kawaii! They have cartoon characters, animals and cakes. This time I decided to learn needle felting.

What is your favorite thing about needle felting?
I think needle felting gives me a lot of freedom, there's almost no limitation to what I can create. For example, unlike using fabric, where you choose the design and pattern, you can create your own pattern. That's why I always needle felt my doll's clothes.

Do you have a favorite type of thing to needle felt? 

My favorite is food. I love a challenge, that's why I try everything I can think of.

Whats your favorite piece you have done and do you have a picture? 

I don't know which one is my favorite piece, I think I'm a perfectionist, that's why every time when I finished a piece, that piece will be my favorite, but after a while, I like to re-do my old one to perfection.

Since Winnie couldn't choose a favorite, I did! I think my favorite is this new fairy and all of her insect friends, it's so adorable! I love her expression and the attention to detail.

How long have you been selling on etsy? 

I've been selling in Etsy since Jan 2014, so is more than 2 years.
What is the link to your shop?

 Thanks for reading along, happy felting everyone!

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